The Masterplan is a song released as a B-side to Wonderwall in 1995. The song shares the name with 'The Masterplan', an album released by Oasis composed entirely of B-sides. Noel has stated it as 'one of the best songs I've ever written' and claimed he was 'young and stupid' when he decided that the song should be a B-side. It features all members of the band, except Liam, as the song was sung by Noel. It also features an orchestra. Noel was told by Alan McGee that the song was 'too good', to which he replied with 'Well, I don't write shit songs.'

The album was released in 1998 and included 14 B-sides. The songs were, in order of appearing on the album:


Underneath The Sky

Talk Tonight

Going Nowhere

Fade Away

The Swamp Song

I Am The Walrus (Live)

Listen Up

Rockin' Chair

Half The World Away

(It's Good) To Be Free

Stay Young


The Masterplan

The album went on to sell at least 3,000,000 units. It reached number 2 in the UK charts and number 51 in the US charts.