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Genre: Pop rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock.

Heathen Chemistry is the fifth studio album by Oasis. It is the first Oasis album to contain multiple songs written by band members other than Noel Gallagher, with Liam Gallagher contributing three songs, and Andy Bell and Gem Archer each contributing one song.

Track listing[]

No. Title Length
1 The Hindu Times 3:46
2 Force of Nature 4:51
3 Hung in a Bad Place 3:28
4 Stop Crying Your Heart Out 5:03
5 Songbird 2:07
6 Little by Little 4:52
7 A Quick Peep 1:17
8 (Probably) All in the Mind 4:02
9 She Is Love 3:09
10 Born on a Different Cloud 6:08
11 Better Man / The Cage 38:02

Note: "Better Man" ends at 4:20, and is followed by silence until 33:13, when "The Cage" begins.

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