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Genre: Hard rock, pop rock.

Dig Out Your Soul is the seventh and final studio album by Oasis. It features the singles The Shock of the Lightning, I'm Outta Time and Falling Down.

In addition to the standard version, a Limited Edition Box Set was released consisting of 4 LPs, 2 CDs, and a DVD. The additional CD contains remixes, alternate mixes, and previously unreleased tracks from the Don't Believe the Truth sessions.

Track listing[]

Dig Out Your Soul[]

No. Title Length
1 Bag It Up 4:40
2 The Turning 5:04
3 Waiting for the Rapture 3:03
4 The Shock of the Lightning 4:59
5 I'm Outta Time 4:10
6 (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady 4:06
7 Falling Down 4:20
8 To Be Where There's Life 4:35
9 Ain't Got Nothin' 2:14
10 The Nature of Reality 3:47
11 Soldier On 4:50

Limited Edition Box Set Bonus CD[]

No. Title Length
1 Lord Don't Slow Me Down 3:18
2 The Turning (The Jagz Kooner Remix) 4:52
3 Boy with the Blues 4:40
4 Falling Down (The Chemical Brothers Remix) 4:27
5 The Shock of the Lightning (The Jagz Kooner Remix) 6:40
6 I Believe in All 2:41
7 To Be Where There's Life (A Richard Fearless Production) 6:24
8 The Turning (Alt Version #4) 4:57
9 Waiting for the Rapture (Alt Version #2) 3:01
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