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Definitely Maybe Singles Box is a five-CD box set by Oasis. Released in 1996 on the same day as the Morning Glory Singles Box, it contains the singles from Definitely Maybe, including their B-sides, and a disc containing interviews.

Track listing[]

Disc 1[]

No. Title Length
1 Interviews 18:22

Disc 2[]

No. Title Length
1 Supersonic 4:44
2 Take Me Away 4:30
3 I Will Believe (Live) 3:46
4 Columbia (White label demo) 5:45

Disc 3[]

No. Title Length
1 Shakermaker 5:08
2 D'Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman? 2:41
3 Alive (8-track demo) 3:56
4 Bring It on Down (Live) 4:17

Disc 4[]

No. Title Length
1 Live Forever 4:36
2 Up in the Sky (Acoustic version) 3:32
3 Cloudburst 5:21
4 Supersonic (Live) 5:12

Disc 5[]

No. Title Length
1 Cigarettes & Alcohol 4:49
2 I Am the Walrus (Live) 6:25
3 Listen Up 6:39
4 Fade Away 4:13
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