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Definitely Maybe is the debut studio album by Oasis, released on August 29, 1994 by Creation Records. The band recorded the album at Clear Studios in Manchester, England with producer Owen Morris. The album was released to commercial and critical success in the United Kingdom, selling over 8 copies worldwide. The album was also a massive success in the United States, selling 1 million copies in the country. Definitely Maybe is the only album to feature original drummer, Tony McCarroll; who was subsequently fired during the recording of their second studio album, (What's The Story) Morning Glory?.

The songs "Supersonic", "Shakermaker", "Live Forever", and "Cigarettes & Alcohol" were all released as singles, achieved radio airplay and great success. The album peaked at #1 in the UK Albums chart and became the fastest-selling studio album to released in the UK; Definitely Maybe would go on to be certified 7x Platinum by the British Phonographic Industry for selling over 2 million copies in 1994. The album was also certified platinum in the United States.

Definitely Maybe propelled a revitalization in British pop music in the 1990s, and was praised by critics for it's optimistic themes and denial of the negative outlook of the grunge genre at the time. The album is cited to be an entry of Britpop music in the United Kingdom, and has frequently in many publications' lists of one of the greatest albums of all-time. In 2020, Rolling Stone ranked the album at #217 on their list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time".

The album artwork features the band inside a house; posing in different positions, the picture was photographed by Michael Spencer Jones. The image was said to be inspired by the album artwork of the Beatles' 1966 compilation album A Collection of Beatles Oldies.

Track listing[]

All tracks are written by Noel Gallagher. All tracks feature Liam Gallagher as lead vocalist.

  1. "Rock 'n' Roll Star" - 5:23
  2. "Shakermaker" - 5:08
  3. "Live Forever" - 4:36
  4. "Up In The Sky" - 4:28
  5. "Columbia" - 6:17
  6. "Supersonic" - 4:43
  7. "Bring It On Down" - 4:17
  8. "Cigarettes & Alcohol" - 4:49
  9. "Digsy's Dinner" - 2:32
  10. "Slide Away" - 6:32
  11. "Married With Children" - 3:15



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